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Artificial intelligence, more than a hype!

Tired of seeing AI hyped but not put into action? Let us find the correct applications for your business! Contact us for a planning meeting free of charge. Our PhD-level analytics experts will help you realize the potential hidden in your business data. We are also specialized in digital twins, and we offer numerical simulation and optimization of various systems, e.g. pumps, dryers, nozzles, steel structures, logistic supply chains etc.

Examples and References

Fluid dynamics simulation and optimization with a digital twin: Flow through a slot die. The objective is a uniform outlet flow.

Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms to predict paper quality. We achieve much better accuracy than traditional methods.

Intelligent demand and sales prediction model. The AI learns to predict more accurately as more data is accumulated. The model can be integrated to the company's own inventory management system to make the system truly intelligent.

Optimizing the supply chain management strategy with an intelligent demand prediction algorithm. This intelligence can be integrated to the company's own inventory management system.

Simulating a coating process dryer with a digital twin: flow through the nozzle.


Tomi Nieminen (PhD, docent)
Analytics Expert
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We offer a planning meeting free of charge! In this meeting we will find the correct way to integrate artificial intelligence to your business. This is a low-risk way to get started and gain fast benefits.